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#20DaysWithWords Day 14

Briana HarryComment
#20DaysWithWords Day 14

List Five Ways to Win Your Heart


  1. Buy me concert tickets. I love watching live performances. I'm pretty much down to see any decent artist. For extra points though buy me Usher and J Cole tickets.
  2. Be a man of your word. If you say it, mean it. Follow through on all of your promises. Word is bond.
  3. Be sexy. Always be confident. A little cockiness never hurt anybody. Not Kanye cocky. Jay Z cocky.
  4. Be clean! There is nothing more attractive then walking into a man's home or getting in his car and seeing that everything is clean.
  5. Care for me. Rock with me just as hard as I rock with you and we're all good. 

by @AyeTati

  1. Be musically inclined
  2. Have an activists’ spirit
  3. Be passionate 
  4. Be open
  5. Enjoy food, cartoons, and sex as much as I do

by @Bri.Stories