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#20DaysWithWords Day 18

Briana HarryComment
#20DaysWithWords Day 18

Write an I Forgive You Letter to Someone Who Has Hurt You


I forgive Niggas as a whole. I forgive Niggas in advance and Niggas from the past. I forgive the Nigga in my grandfather for coming home from Vietnam to a country that did not Love him. So much so, he forgot the Love that his parents taught him, forgot how to treat my grandmother and cheated and beat his way to his answer and still found none. For inflicting violence against my grandmother and for passing down violence to his children. I forgive the Nigga in my father for continuing the cycle of fatherless children, for being so paralyzed with fear that you shun all titles but Nigga. The Nigga in my brother and my uncles, that hypocritically taught me to expect treatment that you, yourself, struggled to give to Women. For making me turn in disgust at the word “female”. I forgive the Nigga in my mother for my disbelief in marriage. I forgive the Nigga in my sister for nights I couldn’t sleep from fearing she’d gladly give her life to the streets. I forgive the Nigga in my ex for pillow talk and sweet words that only stung my lips later. I forgive the Nigga in myself, for savage life. For a guard so tight, no one’s allowed in. For stifling my inner screams for something real, and ignoring them just to be alone, and to be fake in my pretending to like it. 

by @Bri.Stories

Hey you,

How are you? How's the family? Me? I'm doing well! I'm just writing you to let you know that I forgive you. I forgive you for walking out on me and never looking. I forgive you for never loving me. I forgive you for lying to me time after time. I forgive you for listening to my tears on the phone and never changing. I forgive you for denying me. I forgive you for missing my Birthday every year. I forgive you for living down the street and never once stopping by. I forgive you for the distance. It was hard at first, I had many crying nights, many nights blaming myself, many nights just praying that you would come back. Many nights thinking things would be better without me even here. Many nights questioning if I even wanted to live. But I forgive you. Everything I have endured has made me the strong successful man that stands today. You hurt me, hurt me more than anyone else has before. But, I forgive you! I no longer hold on to any bad feelings. I have grown and put it all behind me. I pray God blesses you and your family. So once again I forgive!

by T.L.

To you

There are nights when I can't stand you. Times when my disappointment in you weighs so heavily on my heart that I don't want to get out of bed. I look at you and think "who are you?". This isn't the girl I once knew. Not the same girl with big dreams and full of potential. Somehow you lost it. Let the fire inside you burn out. You were thrown a curve ball, and as beautiful a curve it was, it still changed everything. It changed you. BUT I forgive you. I forgive you for being less than perfect. I forgive you for not always doing the right thing. I forgive you for choosing motherhood over everything else. I forgive you for letting yourself go. I forgive you for everything and anything. I forgive you because I love you. I forgive you because I refuse to see us fail. 

From me 

by @AyeTati