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#20DaysWithWords Day 4

Briana HarryComment
#20DaysWithWords Day 4

Write a Letter to Someone


Dear Bidi, 

I’m confident in you. I believe in the things that you don’t when it comes to who you are and what you’re capable of. I have more faith than you, and that hurts. I’m selfish. I shield myself from pain because that’s what I feel is best for me. It scares me to believe that the opposite is what’s best for you because what choice am I left with at that point? How did I become this? Like our father. I’ve found importance in protecting myself even if that means I let you suffer. The ways that you’re like him make me sick and afraid. The ways that I’m like him make me just sick. I’m selfish. I’m a hypocrite. I’m hurt, so I hurt you with my absence, with my lack of answers, my lack of guidance. We’re all grown up now, with no Raquel or YeYo to mold our connection. We have to stay connected on our own. We have to forgive on our own. We have to heal on our own. We have so much letting go to do, to hold on to each other. 

Love forever and never letting go,


by @Bri.Stories

Dear Aja,

Every mistake that you make you will learn from and you will grow from. Everything that you go through will make you stronger. Although you may not understand everything that's happening, it will eventually make sense. You will meet some people along the way that you think you can't live without, that will soon become a distant memory. You will feel defeated, you will feel discouraged, you will fail. Things will not always make sense to you. But understand it's for a purpose bigger than you can ever begin to comprehend. Just make sure you always remember to stay to true to yourself and do things that make you happy. You value your family and friends, make sure you keep them close in your circle; with them, you will always find your happy place. Remember that everyday you are growing and everything is a learning experience. You've accomplished so much and still have so much more to accomplish. Remember, this is only the beginning!

by @AjaNoAsia

To whom it may concern,

I'm actually dope as fuck. I just want to go to J Cole concerts, order pizza, beat you in Tekken, clean up the house, tuck my daughter in at night, lay on top of you for 20 minutes pretending to be asleep, lay on my side of the bed, and actually go to sleep. I want to wake up in the morning, go to the gym, come home and make breakfast. Fill you with all of the nutrients, love, and affirmations you need to take on another day in this world. I want to lock myself in a room for hours doing nothing but writing. Putting together stories that will make this world bright again. Coming up with characters that make women like me want to live again. Having the time and the space just to create magic. Then you'll come home. We'll eat dinner together and have silent conversations with our eyes that let me know you think our life is pretty dope as well. This could be us but....whatever chump!

Yours Truly

by @AyeTati


by @BlackRibbonCrochet