Here at YeMash we are devoted to words. This means that we understand and appreciate the art and magic of the written word. My heart raced the first time I read a Sister Souljah novel, and my heart ached the first time I read Tupac’s “A Rose that Grew From Concrete”. My life was changed forever by these two literary geniuses and it continues to change with every adjective and every noun that's typed on a piece of paper and makes its way to my heart. 

I like to consider myself a fellow writer that could one day change someone else's  life, however, my own life seems to always get in the way of the journey. You can get so busy working, dating, or in my case raising a child, that you forget to write it down. 

So, in an effort to get all of our Wordies (myself included) back on track, we are introducing #20DaysWithWords. There will be a blog post from yours truly everyday for 20 days starting August 1st. As you know it ain't no fun if your friends can't have none so I'm inviting all of you guys to join in! Email me your take on each day’s challenge! You'll be featured on the blog, and if it's really good and juicy, you may also receive a shoutout on Away With Words The Podcast!  

Below is a list of the topics for the 20 day challenge. Pick any date and topic you'd like to write about and email me at yemash.theblog@gmail.com. Also be sure to include which topic you’re submitting in the subject box. I look forward to reading!

Day 1: Write about your favorite smell

Day 2: Tell the story of your first kiss

Day 3: List five songs you're living right now

Day 4: Write a letter to someone

Day 5: Write about what your dream home looks and feels like

Day 6: Explain why your favorite song is your favorite song

Day 7: List your top three pet peeves

Day 8: Write about someone who inspires you

Day 9: Tell the story of your first love

Day 10: Write about your sexiest article of clothing

Day 11: Detail your ideal date

Day 12: Tell the story of the last time you cried 

Day 13: If you could take your 6 year old self on a field trip. Where would you go?

Day 14: List five ways to win your heart

Day 15: Write about something you always think “what if?” about

Day 16: Write about a celebrity crush

Day 17: Write about your 35 year old self

Day 18: Write an I forgive you letter to someone who has hurt you

Day 19: List five things that make you really happy

Day 20: Write about your goal(s) for the next 30 days