#20DaysWithWords Day 8

#20DaysWithWords Day 8

Write About Someone Who Inspires You


The world we live in calls for constantly being connected. As irritating and distracting as that can be, I truly consider it a blessing. I have so many people around me, near and far, who inspire me every single day. Some of which, I have the pleasure of being connected to in real life and very often, some are not physically close, but keep me inspired digitally all the time, with their support, their friendship, and their blueprint on how to go out there and get it. I mean, I know people who are really doing their thing and it’s like….how can I ever lose when all I see is winners? Some of the people who inspire me personally and by example include, my YeYo, my Penn, my Bianca, my Miles, my Kyeyote, Alex, Tati, Aja, Michael, Kenny, CJ, MarQuan, Takeya, Camille, Samantha, Ken, Davion, Zeniea, Austin, Thomas, Chris, Bradley, Paisley, Nydra, Dayna, Ashley, Sara, Al-Phats, Lil Phats, Tim, Kyle, Matthew, Crystal, Bri P, Yahnele, Hope, Niara, Charmane, Shayna, Vicki, Jahmal, Quez, Cammeron, Dandy, Teddy and my Cousin J-Flat, JUST TO NAME A FEW! I’m so appreciative of the constant inspiration and hope I play a part in inspiring someone too. 

by @Bri.Stories

I am very inspired on a daily basis by those closest to me. I really have a dope circle of friends who are all geniuses in their own right. Let's take my girl Bri for instance. I remember about three or four years ago when she first mentioned wanting to start a blog. She just had this urge to connect with people on a wider scale. She wanted the world to get to know her just as much as she wanted the world to get to know her. It was this small idea that started in my dorm room, while we were eating, no doubt. Fast forward a couple years and it's amazing to see how far her determination and focus got her. She not only has a blog, but also a podcast. All of which is spearheaded by her own publication company. Of course no one can do it alone and she was and still is aided by all of my dope friends that I mentioned earlier. Everything starts with a vision, and ends with the hard work. Thank God my friend/boss(she a boss, not a worker she make bloody moves) has both. 

by @AyeTati