About Kanye, but More About Us

About Kanye, but More About Us


In light of everything that’s going on with Kanye West’s recent twitter rant and dropping photos of him being a very active Trump supporter, I had a lot of the same initial thoughts as everyone else in my community. These thoughts ranged from “poor Kanye, he really is losing it” to “wow, so this is the sunken place”, and all the way to “oh yeah this nigga is cancelled”. 

As a supporter for what seems like a lifetime, I find myself feeling personally betrayed. I feel confused and have started bickering with myself about whether or not I can continue to support his art. Along with much of my social media timeline, I inserted myself into the conversation. Has he not gotten the support he needs after the death of his mother? Is it mental illness? Is he on drugs? Is Kardashian pussy this toxic? 

We may never understand the cause of this major flip from Crack Music Kanye to MAGA Kanye. From “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” Kanye to “Donald Trump is my brother” Kanye. But the truth that us humans refuse to face is that, we don’t have to. This isn’t for us to understand and we need not get distracted. 

Like my great grandmother would say, the devil is busy. If everything that I’ve learned about consciousness and acting from a place of Love being the ultimate action is true, then us being constantly forced to judge people like this is just a buildup of a much bigger detriment. 

I understand that it’s important that as Black people we take responsibility to be the ambassadors for US. I also understand the shame that we feel towards those who fail us in that arena, as we all feel that Kanye has. However, I think there is a need to stay focused here. One thing that Kanye is doing admirably is sticking to his own thoughts and agenda (you know, if he’s not actually a drone). 

Individualism is so important. What if we took the time to come into ourselves and truly assess how we’re pushing the movement forward on an individual basis? If enough of us did that shit, imagine the Love, grace, and true progress we can create when we come together. 

All we’re doing together right now is dragging Kanye, and I’m not sure who that’s pushing forward. Of course we miss the old Kanye, but right now, maybe it’s best to get in touch with our present selves and get the fuck on with the program.