Away With Words The Podcast - Episode Seven


This week on Away With Words The Podcast, we have a long conversation about when it’s okay to date your ex’s friends. As usual, Bri Stories has an unpopular opinion, but you know. Good talks! Discovery Zone had R Kelly over for a visit since his house got robbed (is that you, Karma?). Also, apparently some Black Ink beef brewed up between Sky of New York and Charmaine of Chicago. Sky sounds a little jealous, but you ain’t hear that from us. In the Petty Parlor, we found a sign language scammer and Draya just gon’ let her son fail middle school. 

Shout out to our good friend @DJStutta for sending us a question that literally none of us related to. Have you ever been boning someone and thinking about someone else? If so, tell us about it. Email us at, we’d Love to hear from you! 

Knock It The Fuck Off goes to Kevin McCall and people who jump into situations without finishing the situation they’re already in. I’ll just leave that there. On the flip side, our Praises Due goes to Keisha Lance Bottoms who has recently been elected the Mayor of Atlanta! 

That’s all folks! Remember to hit us up whenever, we’re so lonely! See you next week!