Away With Words The Podcast - Everything is Love

Away With Words The Podcast - Everything is Love

Bitch you guessed it! This show should be all about Bey! All about Everything is Love! But it’s not. Oh, but you better believe we stanned! Our good friend Khalil Byrd came through to chime in on this conversation and much more! 


Aside from the obvious Bey and Jay shaking our world, we’ve got Rich the Kid in the Discovery Zone. Venturing over to the Petty Parlor, we’ve got a CVS pharmacist who can’t keep a secret. 

The Main Word is about the many challenges of being bisexual. Tell us your take on bisexualism. If you’re a straight Woman or a gay Man, do you have an issue with dating a bisexual Man? If so, why? 


T.I. has landed himself back into Knock It The Fuck Off when he should be filing for divorce and we give Love to Drake and Kyrie Irving in Praises Due. 

We want to thank Khalil for coming through with all that energy! We also send all of our Love and prayers to the fans, friends, and family of XXX Tenacion. 

See you all next week!