Away With Words The Podcast - Keeeds!

This week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast is another special #GirlPower edition. We got our girl Makida in the building to talk about herself, but also to chime in on this great conversation! Makida is the creator of KeeedsArt, an amazing painter, an activist, and is about to become #LawyerBae (in case you needed some motivation). This week’s topic is about Aggressive Women. Make sure you tune in for that. 

This week in the Discovery Zone, we have all things Black Panther (we are so excited) and Black reboots. Which classic Black show would you like to see back on the air for another run? Email us at and let’s talk about it! 

Praises Due this week goes to Lauren Williams, a fearless high schooler who took matters into her own hands after a terrible prank was pulled on her in school. By the way, she slays! 

Thank you for continuing to tune in, and we’ll see ya next week!