Away With Words The Podcast - Lesser for Love

Away With Words The Podcast - Lesser for Love

Hey Wordies! This week's Main Word is about "settling" for Love when that bag may not be in tact. Ladies, what you doin'? Does your Man have to have that coin or is it all about that romance? (feel free to comment below) 


So, in the Discovery Zone we've got Childish Gambino receiving backlash for childish reasons, Kim K's body ain't real but we ain't gotta keep talking about it, and Emily B went to court with her Man, who mad? 


In the Pettiest of Parlors, Winnie Harlow says that America's Next Top Model ain't did shit for her! In so many words. Also, poor Teairra Marie. 

Tati says Knock It The Fuck Off to Azealia Banks and Bri says the same to the whites with the quick 911 fingers. Leave us alone, Jenn. 


In the Praises Due! We're sending our Praises to Queen Maxine Waters for continuously showing us how to not back down or take anyone's shit while being eloquent and highly informed. Also, to Officer Jeremie Nix for doing your job. 

Thank you for coming back! We Love You! See you next week!