Away With Words The Podcast - More About Fuck Boys

Away With Words The Podcast - More About Fuck Boys

Whaddup! Welcome back to your weekly convo with the ladies of Away With Words The Podcast. This is an interesting one…


So, we kick off the Discovery Zone with J Cole’s interview with Lil Pump and then we glide right on over to Morgan Freeman’s latest accusations and Aja No Asia and Bri Stories have some very clear differences on this one. Sorry if us going at it a bit made you feel too reminiscent of family dinners. We got it together and got back to the fun. Apparently, Kanye West is no longer funding his Mother’s foundation in Chicago, but are we really surprised by anything Ye-related at this point? 

In the Petty Parlor, despite touching on this is last week’s Insta Highlights, we just HAD to get back to this Insecure thing. So, Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson) had a baby with Tasha (Dominique Perry). On the complete low low. In real life. And he was dating someone, and chile, she was just as shocked as us. Dis tew much…


Since we’re already stirring the fuck boy pot, guess what The Main Word is? 



Sorry. But yes, fuck boys. Specifically the many fuck boys who believe that Women have to put up with a slew of their cow manure to be deemed worthy of monogamy. We say, BOY BYE! 

Here’s to the fuck boys, may we stop raising them. 



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