Away With Words The Podcast - Poor Service Sucks


This week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast is all about dealing with poor service. We’ve all been here before. Listen in to see what we have to say about dealing with poor service and being on the other side and dealing with those ass-hole customers and clients. 

After a check in, we dive into the Discover Zone. We’ve got Tiffany Haddish killing it and locking down a spot as the first Black Woman to host the MTV Movie and TV Awards. That’s coming to us in May and I cannot wait! In sadder news, Black-legendary-Hollywood couple, Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin, have officially filed for divorce. Sad news and we hope it works out for them both! 

In the Pettiest of Parlors, Hurt Bae is back for another round. Kourtney and Leonard are back (for some reason) and are giving us another hash out. Spoiler alert, if you thought the guy was a dick the first time, he’s just a bigger, veiny-er dick now. Wait, that makes him sound a little appealing…that’s not what we mean. 

Praises Due to Black Panther for being over $500 million dollars in ticket sales, just a week after their opening day! Bri Stories is telling the Universe “Yes” to that amount of money. Praises Due also to Janelle Monae for her beautiful come back into the music realm. You gotta see these videos if you haven’t already, they’re everything! Another Praises Due goes to Brandy’s 15 year old daughter Sy’rai for being a talented and positive young Woman. Definitely the kind of friend you’d want your kids to have. 

Thank you so much for tuning in for yet another episode! See you next week!