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Away With Words The Podcast - Season 2 Finale

Briana HarryComment
Away With Words The Podcast - Season 2 Finale

Season 2 Finale!! In this thang! We know what you’re thinking. Yes, that was fast. We’re going to be taking more thoughtful breaks to ensure that we are not only taking care of ourselves individually, but intentionally breaking our routines and habits in order to expose ourselves to life in different lights to fuel more inspiration to create, and come back heavy every season! So, of course, thank you so much, our Wordies! For rocking with us and showing us so much Love on this journey! 


Now onto the Discovery Zone! Shoutout to everyone who marched and rallied for March For Our Lives over the weekend. We are definitely proud of all of the young people taking their lives and their futures into their own hands. Super shout out, however, to Naomi Wadler, who eloquently let the people know that this is all fine and good, but this same amount of Love, support, and coverage is owed to Black lives lost all of the time to gun violence. Thank you, Young Queen, you are our future, and for that, we are grateful. 


We also discovered that Craigslist and Reddit have shut down their personals section to prevent the chances of sex trafficking thriving via their sites. While this is a great thing that they’ve done to support and protect victims of sex trafficking, we must say, we’re gonna miss reading those “Missed Connections”. Reading about meeting one time at a grocery store and then never again will never be more romantic. RIP. 


In more discoveries, Beyoncé. Always Beyoncé. Her and her hubby have been all up and through Jamaica recording who knows what. Literally, there’s no way of knowing with this girl. It could literally be any and all things that our minds haven’t even fathomed. So, I mean, just keep bracing ourselves, I guess. 

Time to get petty! The Simpson’s have landed themselves in the Petty Parlor in the best way for their latest cartoon short, A Tale of Two Trumps. The short depicts a Trump that would be refreshing to us all, but of course, it’s just too good to be true. The guy is just too petty. 

We’re capping off the season with a Spring Cleaning theme. This is the time to cleanse not only your home, but your mind, body, and spirit by removing toxic energy (and people) and ridding yourself of bad habits. We hope you get the cleanse you need. 


Praises due to Big Sean, Black people for getting Black Panther to the highest grossing super hero movie of all time, and of course, to all of you for your Love Love Love! We Love you and we cannot wait to see you right back here in a month for even more Away With Words The Podcast fun!