Away With Words The Podcast - The Black Panther Lives

On this week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast, it’s #WakandaForever, y’all! I’m letting you know right now, in sentence number 2 of this post, we tried our very best not to spoil it. We did. However, I do appreciate the fact that I got to witness the film without any outside insights, and I want that for everyone. So, if you have not yet seen Black Panther (fuck is you doin?), please go see it and come back to this discussion! 

Before the glory, we had to get to the regular degular. In the Discovery Zone, we just had to get into this star studded All Star Weekend. Anywhere Blue Ivy is, is the place to be. Also, Michael Bae Jordan, Cardi B, and many more faces of Black Excellence were in attendance. 

We had to jump into the Petty Parlor on the same court, chile….poor Fergie. That’s all I’m gonna say. Pettier than that, however, is Blac Chyna. Should we get into it or get into it? Just listen to the conversation we had. We were all blown away by the lazy performance, I mean, it was awful. Bless her heart. 

This is the part where we journey back to Wakanda (can I just stay??). I couldn’t possibly do this justice typing. I want you to hear me scream! If you haven’t seen this movie, if for some reason you don’t want to see this movie! Get your life! This is the most iconic, the most beautiful, majestic, regal, magical, fantastical piece of art I’ve witnessed in a long time, maybe ever! I really can’t think of anything that compares. Listen to us lose our shit over this movie and discuss themes and beautiful Black people. 

Although, all of our praise goes to Black Panther this week, we do have some Praises Dues. Drake, number one, for the God’s Plan video. We are so appreciative of Drake setting this example and being a giver and a Lover. He’s amazing. Praises due to Tiffany Haddish, as well, for her unending positivity. Praises Due to Emma Gonzalez, a fearless student and survivor of the latest school shooting in Parkland, FL, for her speech and demand for gun law reform. We’re standing with you. 

Thank you for kicking it! For more Black Panther stanning, head over to Luck Life Magic for a review featuring Bri Stories.