Away With Words The Podcast - The Nikki Nicole

This week’s special guest on Away With Words The Podcast, is the one and only, Nikki Nicole! After checking in and doing a little Ari/G Herbo Baby Shower recap, we get all into what makes Nikki Nikki. Nikki is an innovative hustler and she is SO CHICAGO! We Love it. 

In the Discovery Zone this week, Beyoncé is trying to kill us and the season 2 premier of Atlanta was everything. We can’t see what both have in store for us next! XXXTenacion (we think that’s his name) has landed himself in the Petty Parlor for going on live and asking his Mom to pop a titty out for the gram. 

This week’s topic is “Scary Ass Bloggers”. Bri Stories came up with a theory that gossip bloggers never @ the celebrities that they’re gossiping about because they don’t want no smoke. Nikki, however, came through with another perspective. We believe her. She’s famous. 

For the first time in Away With Words The Podcast history, we have someone in both the Knock It The Fuck Off and Praises Due segments. Safaree. Tune in for more details if you’re not tired of hearing about him. Praises Due also goes to Big Sean for taking the initiative on providing a movie theater to the downtown Detroit area. 

We want to thank Nikki Nicole for coming to hang with us! We also want to thank this week’s sponsor, our good friends at Strong University! Go to and spend that check!