My Man Is Her Man

For this week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast, the ladies dive into the Discovery Zone with some much needed music medicine. The ladies talk their thoughts and feelings (all the damn feels) on SZA’s latest album entitled CNTRL, and Bri Stories has one of her hip hop moments as she raves about Vic Mensa’s The Manuscript. The Petty Parlor does not disappoint as Amber Rose has put us all on our toes by “breaking the internet” with her nude (sorta nude, all you see is hair, relax) and with the fun and funny #AmberRoseChallenge. AP wants to know how we feel about a 12 year old girl assisting in the delivery of her baby sibling. It came off strange, then cute, then strange again. 

The topic this week fell in line with the theme of SZA’s “The Weekend” (for those of you who listened) and sparked a conversation about being with dudes when you know they have other partners. The ladies have an in depth conversation about their experiences with this type of situationship and conclude that, ultimately, it’s all about respect (yeah, we’re “one of those”). We’d Love to hear your experience, by the way - email us at:

Abercrombie & Fitch got to Knock It The Fuck Off with their “pride is for everyone” bullshit (you soundin’ real “all lives matter”-ish right now, my g). Also, on the Knock It The Fuck Off train is simply the majority of the young men that AjaNoAsia has had to endure via online dating. “Are you into submissives?” is an actual first statement that she received from a fellow swiper (like, my nigga, you couldn’t start with a “how you doing”?). 

In the Praises Due (this week known as “Black Folks Talking That Much Needed Shit) section, Bri Stories shows her gratitude to Ice Cube, Symone Sanders, Amanda Seales, and DeRay McKesson for simply speaking true shit to white people. It is imperative that we care enough about our culture and about one another that we correct when correction is needed and educate always. If you missed Ice Cube and Symone Sanders on Bill Maher, Amanda Seales at the Katy Perry Dinner, and DeRay McKesson’s conversation with Katy Perry on his podcast, Pod Save The People, make sure you give the Google machine some Love and get yo life. 

Thank you for tuning in for another week of Away With Words The Podcast. We hope that you celebrate Juneteenth and are spending all month showing Love to your peeps of the LGBTQ community. Happy Pride! Happy Juneteenth! Happy Love!