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On this week’s very silly episode of Away With Words The Podcast, the ladies are on their own for the first time in weeks. With no guests to tend to, the ladies do what they do best, which is talk about all the hot shit in a way that’s filled with giggles and hot ass mess. After checking in, and thoroughly thanking Strong University for the Love, the dive deep into the #DiscoveryZone where there is much to discover. First of all, we couldn’t let this Tiger Woods news go, and we don’t feel sorry for mugs who shun their Blackness, so there’s that. Once the ladies took a much needed moment to praise Blue Ivy and her cute self dancing with her backup ballet to September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, AjaNoAsia wanted to talk side chicks (as if they don’t get enough undeserved shine, am I right?). Apparently, a story came out that a young man who’d been in a car accident was met at the hospital by his girlfriend AND the side chick who said she was “asked to be there”. The nerve. These side pieces are getting far too comfortable, don't you think? No really, tell us what you think…email us at

Other Discovery Zone discoveries include: Tank at DC Pride (Happy Pride by the way!), Bri Stories’ discovering her trust issues with “woke” white people, the new Nutella store just screaming “white people shit” to us, and Bill Cosby’s trash ass in all this dirt when all he had to do was be faithful to Camille. Also, Janet Jackson is starting a Netflix series that we are absolutely here for. There’s also a quick rant about how Good Times gave us very little “good times”, but no big deal. 

Now…what we know you’ve been waiting for **drum roll**…we’ve returned to the #PETTYPARLOR!! This week in the petty parlor, Dria P finds it madd petty that the whole gender reveal shit is majorly played out now. Just find out in the delivery room and leave us out of it. Bri Stories praises Diddy’s petty for all of the “MY SON” posts that he put up for his half son (is that a thing?) Quincy’s birthday, which is basically completely shading his biological dad. 

The conversation piece for this week (as if we haven’t been running our mouths this whole time) is “summertime dos and don’ts”. The ladies are giving all the good tips for the summer from keeping those toes cute to staying fresh and clean. A good don’t that was mentioned for the fellas is not to honk at women while they're on an outdoor walk or jog (who raised you?). 

Shoutout to “Juice” who sent in topics and questions for the #WordFromOurWordies portion of the episode. He got us talking about “head after sex”, “childhood crushes”, and the whole Kathy Griffin situation which started Bri Stories up with a deep ass rant (hold on to your hats!). 

People we’d like to #KnockItTheFuckOff include old people with attitudes and Halle Berry. People we’d like to praise (#PraisesDue) include Austin aka Doe of Members Only Boutique, Michael Bloomberg, and Ariana Grande.  #Truth&Dare is dedicated to Bri Stories and AjaNoAsia giving white people a better chance. Yay!! 

Once again, Happy Pride, y’all! Thank you, again, to Strong University for graciously sponsoring this episode. Be sure to review us on iTunes, subscribe, and share!