This week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast, all the YeMash ladies get it cracking slumber party style! Over breakfast, we talk cash shit (like we do any time of the day) and share some memories from our past slumber parties. 

After checking in, we dive into the Discovery Zone where we discovered the Nielsen report that conveniently reiterates that Black Women are the driving force of trends and all things that you basics find cool. In the Petty Parlor, Kylie Jenner. Bri Stories whiningly expresses her distaste for the entire Kardashian/Jenner klan for the ninetieth time. Also, get out of Lionel Richie’s comments. 

As we recollect some slumber party memories, shit gets real sad, real fun, and real disturbing (pour yourself a drink and don’t judge). 

As usual, y’all’s president can Knock It The Fuck Off, and shoutout to everyone who is taking a knee and protesting the NFL for their bullshit. Black Lives Matter. All that. 

Speaking of the NF-Hell, Praises Due to Jay Z for his alleged refusal to headline the Super Bowl show. Yeah, y’all go find somebody else to do the devil’s work. We also want to give praise to Chicago for being so supportive of our guy G Herbo’s debut album. Chicago is too known for not being supportive of one another, so let’s keep this up and write our own narrative. 

Thank you for kicking it with us for a year damn near! The hashtag this week is #DamnNear!