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I’ve got a really cute surprise for you guys this week. I’m the special guest! My sister girls over at Away With Words The Podcast welcomed me with open arms as I stepped from behind the scenes and right into the hot seat! I had so much fun! However, seeing as I was the guest it didn’t seem to make much sense for me to ask and answer my own questions. So, I enlisted the help of my girl Bri.Stories who put a unique spin on my smash or pass game. She had some very interesting questions for me in her game of “This or That”. Here are 10 new things you guys didn’t know about me!

  1. Be Usher’s girlfriend or J Cole’s Side piece- If you know me at all you know that I am obsessed with both of these men, however I’m never a side piece. The kicker here is that Bri also wrote down that Usher has herpes! I don’t believe it! I refuse to believe it, until that sexy man tells me himself, and even if he does have it I’m celibate anyways so we all good boo!

  2. Lawrence or Daniel- This is an Insecure question that all my Issa Rae fans could appreciate. I’m going with Lawrence all day!

  3. Dora or Doc McStuffins- Doc McStuffins! That little girl is Black too. Power to the people!

  4. Rose Gold or Platinum- It definitely depends on the individual piece of jewelry, but in the case of my future engagement ring, platinum!

  5. Maid or Private Chef- I like to clean and I like to cook but I’m always going to keep my house clean regardless, and somedays I do not feel like cooking. Private Chef!

  6. Miami or Vegas- Definitely a hard one but I’m going with Vegas.

  7. Pierced nipples or pierced clitoris- What? Pierced nipples.

  8. Mac and Cheese or Potato salad- Potato Salad! Made by my grandmommy, to be specific. I don’t like mac and cheese.

  9. Cupcakes or Cookies- Y'all know these are my weakness! I love them both but I have to go with the fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie!

  10. Hip Hop or R&B- It’s a draw! I couldn’t survive without my R&B but what’s life without hip hop? Boring.

If you guys want to hear everything I had to say this week, then check out the latest episode of Away With Words The Podcast! And as always, check back every Thursday to see who I interview next!