Ayo Vicki

Keeping it Motherly in this piece, this week,  Dria P’s big sis, Vicki,  came through to give us the perspective of a younger Mother. Vicki, who is celebrating her Dirty Thirty birth week, is the mommy of a 6 year old son named Kayden. Dria P would like the curious kitties to know that her actual Mom is certainly in the picture and vital to her life, but has no time to come to the show airing all her business out. So there’s that. 

After an extremely sloppy check in, and Bri Stories revealing that her titties are back sweaty, the ladies wished Vicki a happy Dirty Thirty and then jumped into the Discovery Zone. A hot topic that Dria P has found is the trend of“sologamy”, or the practice of legally marrying yourself. Self Love is vital, sis, but do you have to sign papers about it? If you haven’t heard, as Bri Stories had not, “romphims” are now a thing. What’s that? Oh, it’s a romper. For dudes. Some dudes are WERK ING IT, but others…..yeah no. More about Beyoncé, always about Beyoncé, we just wanted an invite to the #CarterPushParty! 

Onto the true topic at hand, Vicki P gave us some insight on her experience with a young child. She talks about how she keeps him a kid in the midst of technology and heavy media influence. From there, we talked a bit about pregnant sex (Bri Stories is so curious), and how her openness (aside from just discussing pregnant sex) will help her when her son becomes a teenager. 

We did not let Vicki say goodbye without giving us all the vital tea on Dria P. From her tough skin to her “Capricorn retreats”, Vicki showed that little people know the true Dria the way she does. The sisterly stories went on to times Dria counted on Vicki most and times she thought she was the devil. Once sore from laughter at all of there memories, the two shared a touching exchange of words that left Bri Stories and Aja in tears. 

Vicki has been a big sis like no other to her own, Dria P, but also to Dria’s circle of friends. Being an active mother, having a career, and a new home under her belt does not keep her from shining bright and bringing light everywhere she goes. We are immensely proud of Vicki, and happy that she shared part of her Dirty Thirty celebration with us, here at Away With Words The Podcast. Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Vick! 

P.S. A couple of things that stood out this week that we should mention here: AjaNoAsia loses her shit throughout the episode and if Nike would like to square up about what they consider plus size, we’re down. Knock it the fuck off. 

Until next week!