Black Ink Crew Chicago: Phor

This week, Phor comes by to kick it with the ladies of Away With Words The Podcast. Despite the personal thangs happening in his phone, he gave us all the insight we needed on who he is to the 9Mag family. After a check in, the Discovery Zone brought Bri Stories back a week to something she’d heard in the G Spot with Kendra G on WGCI. The question was about what a girl should do who is in a relationship where the only sexual activity being had is when a train is being run on her by her man and his friends. Like… 

AjaNoAsia brings us to the Petty Parlor with the pettiest of the week, Usher. If you haven’t heard about that, Google it and get back to us. By this time, we’d like to remind you that this episode is sponsored by Strong University and if you go back to the Black Ink Crew Chicago review on our YouTube page, find the secret word, and be the first to comment it on this week’s promo post on the Away With Words The Podcast page, you’ll get a free gift! Compliments of Strong University. 

Phor gets the floor and gives us all the insight we need about his persona in 9Mag and how it differs from who he is as an artist. He also chimes in to confirm that the media ain’t shit and will always twist a story when a chance is given (word to Kevin Hart).

We’d like to thank Phor for coming through and giving us his time and attention. We’re so excited to see how “in the mix” he is, this season on Black Ink Crew Chicago.