Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Own: Don

If you thought the gems stopped with Jr Diaz, you’re dead wrong! The ladies of Away With Words The Podcast had another good, exclusive sit down with yet another Black Ink Crew Chicago cast member, Don, right on the cusp of the Season 3 Premiere! He came ready to chime in, give his input, and open up to us in a way that he hasn’t had a chance to in front of the cameras of his show. 

The Discovery Zone includes Tracee Ellis Ross as Mrs. Frizzle in a live action Magic School Bus film (please do this!), a shoutout to Plus Sized Boss Babes (you’re gonna Love what Don has to say about the beauty of a Woman’s shape), Issa Album, the Insecure Block Party (and why we weren’t invited), Vic Mensa clearly being the luckiest guy around, and Will Smith as Genie in the new Aladdin movie. 

In the Petty Parlor, Don showed he was not shy as we get petty with topics like DMX’s tax evasion charges, Tokyo Toni needing her Instagram deleted, Mel B’s scarier than spice divorce, and R Kelly doing things that we’ve always known him to do (Don and Bri Stories have some personal tea regarding the pied piper). Also, T.I., Kim Kardashian, and Frederick Nolan need to Knock It The Fuck Off. 

Throughout the episode and in the actual interview portion, Don gives us a glimpse of who he really is—who he’s determined to show his viewers he is. Reacting to a long road of heartbreak and loss, Don admits that the role he’s played in the previous Black Ink Crew Chicago series has been one that is not as mildly tempered as he’s making the effort to be these days. He has a lot of passion for his people (here and gone), his children and those of his community, and for his grind. His favorite role to play is hubby and daddy, but he says he is definitely going to be present for the viewers who only see the role he has in reality television. He’s taking control of his image and showing the proof of his evolution, and for that, we’re proud. 

We can’t be happier to have had the chance to talk with Don and we’re so excited to watch this season of Black Ink Crew Chicago unfold, all while knowing that there’s a much greater story at play. Stay tuned. 

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