Black Ink Crew Chicago: Charmaine

If you’re looking for hot tea, you’re in the right shop! This week, Black Ink Crew Chicago and WGCI’s very own Charmaine comes through Away With Words The Podcast and tells us everything that’s on her mind! Call it the radio skills or her personality overall, but Charmaine kept up with every segment and was never shy to add her three cents. 

We started with some very interesting gynecologist stories (everybody has one), before jumping into the segments. The Discovery Zone gave us a BET Awards recap, the Black Beauty that was this past weekend’s Essence Fest, Dave East’s print (hello!), and #CousinMitri holding us down with all the essential Negro SpirLITual jams. Kodak Black made it back into the Petty Parlor with Amber Rose’s response to his thoughts on dark skinned Women. Also, Ja Rule dodged a bullet with the founder of the not so fiery Fyre Fest being arrested for wire fraud. Super petty. 

Charmaine gives us some hints on the drama that is set to occur on the upcoming season of Black Ink Crew Chicago (premiering on Vh1 on Wednesday, July 19). She tells us what role she thinks she’s played thus far and how different it will be on the new season (it’s gonna be juicy!). She also talks to us about her experience at an HBCU (she’s a Howard alum), her transition from her corporate life to reality tv, her experience being a radio personality, and the chances she’s willing to take to protect her brand (including her body). 

Chance is back in Praises Due (for the millionth time) and we have some honest moments in this week’s Truth and Dare. A lot of that honesty coming straight from our guest, Charmaine, who we want to thank for her candor and her fun spirit as she kicked it with us all morning! It was a pleasure to have Charmaine on the show, and we can’t wait to have her back! 

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