Black Ink Crew Chicago: Dani Jay

This week on Away With Words The Podcast the ladies chopped it up with Dani Jay of Black Ink Crew Chicago! Dani Jay came ready for conversation and did not miss a beat throughout all the regular nonsense. Before diving in the segments, Dani fills us in on her cherry poppin’ story (you should probably just listen). In the Discovery Zone, Power is back for a fourth season (Bri Stories has never seen it and she’s sorry), Kim K and Kanye are looking for a surrogate for their third child (AjaNoAsia is down for the job), Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (and we agree), and Meek Mill is still the L King. 

The Petty Parlor doesn’t disappoint, with a girl licking a dumpster for $300 (we discussed it and we’re actually not mad), Kodak Black doesn’t fuck with Black women (and is continuing to push a negative narrative for our community, so thanks), and D Rose’s girlfriend tweets about “Black Girls” like she isn’t one (but we’re also open to the idea that we’re misreading). Speaking of Knocking It The Fuck Off, this week our Knock It The Fuck Off goes to Balenciaga for thinking that us Niggas wouldn’t notice that Ruff Ryderz “R” on their new line of shirts (you ain’t slick).  

Okay, on to the good stuff. Dani Jay gives us all the deets on the Black Ink Crew from who’s the easiest in the shop to get along with to who in the shop pops off the most (can you guess?). She also gives us some amazing insight on some of her projects that she’s working on outside of the show, including a fashion line and her newest venture, Pretty Girls Still Cook (so cute right??). She also didn’t hesitate to let us know that her Love Life with her Man runs way deeper than what we get from the show. She shared a lot of her passions with us and we were so thankful that it wasn’t just selling waist trainers on Instagram (no shade to some other reality tv stars, but this Woman gave us depth). 

We would like to thank Dani Jay for coming and spending the day with us, being so open with us, and letting loose and having fun! If you made it this far and didn’t listen to the episode, I highly recommend it. Dani Jay is a joy and you should stay on her radar.