Girls Trip

(Free of Spoilers!)

Like, every other Black Woman I know, I was sure to be in attendance this opening weekend for the highly anticipated, Girl’s Trip. This gem of a film stars Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, and Tiffany Haddish, and gives you “Bad Mom” with a little bit of the “Hangover” vibes, but all oiled up in Black Girl Magic. So, basically way better and more reminiscent of what you used to over-hear when Mama’s on the phone with TiTi. 

I waited for the Sunday matinee, like I often do to avoid the crowd, and this was actually a great time for someone like me to go to a film like this. All I’d been hearing all weekend is how hilarious the film is and how Tiffany Haddish is a damn trip! So, I was SHOCKED at how many emotional elements were pulling on my heart strings throughout the movie. To be fair though, it takes nothing to make me cry, if I even sense a figurative message that I relate to, I’m usually boo-hooing. However, this caught me off guard as all I’d heard about was the comedy. Throughout all of the fun, there were a few messages that stood out to me and got me thinking (and shedding a tear or two). 

  1. Question! Is the “ain’t shit man” the glue that bonds together Black Sisterhood? I’m usually the one with my fist up complaining about how Black Women (and honestly all Women) in movies and television are depicted of gaining their strength or finally reaching their potential through some shit a dude put them through. I would typically be over it and want to see something more “creative”. But in all actuality, ain’t it the truth? As much as I can’t stand to admit it, men fuel a lot of my energy, regardless of the direction in which that energy flows. I go really hard after a breakup, focusing on myself and my craft way more and staying productively distracted. That’s definitely a beautiful way to take a breakup, but what’s keeping me from going this hard any other time (aside from being DICKstracted)? Not to mention, how much we as Women depend on one another to gain the logic that we desperately wish to have in our connections with men. From the “what are we?” phases to being 'dickmatized' to being dumped, we run right to our Girl Gang and try to shake it off. I know I have a group of beautiful, talented, creative Women in my circle, but I’m not gonna front and act like the conversation would be as full if it weren’t for “these niggas”. 
  2. Diminishing the fear of being “alone”. So many Black women that I know are dizzy from the same cycle. Nobody taught us how to Love our own company. We’ve watched the Women before us either stay in toxic, sometimes unfaithful, sometimes abusive relationships where they’ve done so much compromising to get nothing back (except usually some kids). Either that, or we watched Women be unhappily (and very verbal about that unhappiness) and bitterly single. Women, in general, are basically taught to put up with unspeakable shit for the sake of our favorite sentence, “I gotta Man.”. I Loved the revelation that was shown (no spoilers) about not having that fear of being by your damn self. There’s so much more to that thought and that teaching that “alone” doesn’t always mean “lonely”, and I’m so thankful that it’s being talked about, so hopefully, it is taught to our upcoming girls more often. 
  3. Black Women can create opportunities for one another!!! We gotta stop being so closed to our people. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that just because she’s a sister, she’s YOUR sister. Not everyone vibes with everyone, and I believe that in business, vibes are essential. However, if you do vibe with someone and have an opportunity that you can share, don’t outsource when you can give it to your sister. 
  4. This one is just a petty bonus. I just Love the image of white disappointment, but especially when it’s surrounded by so much Black pride and Black respect from sister to sister. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed all the elements of this film. It was difficult to write this without spoiling, but aside from the film itself, so many of these messages can be worked and woven into the threads that bring us closer to our SisterQueens. Togetherness is everything and Love for one another will keep us on this golden path that keeps us “worthy, magical us”.