Issues From Dad

On this week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast, Dria P, AjaNoAsia, and Bri Stories are enjoying some more quality time together. As this happened after this episode was recorded, we’d like to begin by saying our heart goes out to everyone touched by the death of the legendary Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Rest in Power. 

In the #DiscoveryZone, we start with a brief sneeze of an update about the XXL 2017 Freshman list, because…who are these kids? Anyway, congrats.  We want to know why the candy company with the already convenient slogan “taste the rainbow” chose to debut all white Skittles in honor of Pride Month (like, guys, it’s kind of about the rainbow, you were already winning…why…what…whatever). Bri Stories discovered that celebrity fan pages are actually weird as fuck (we’re worried, y’all). The Insecure trailer gave us absolutely nothing and it was everything (can July come any faster?!). The last thing discovered was Jada Pinkett Smith’s classy and quick tell all to Twitter to let the kids know that her character in the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me, was embellished as fuck. Thank God she didn’t make a scene because the movie really is worth seeing anyway (in our opinion (don’t worry, we don’t spoil it)). 

The #PettyParlor is the current kick it spot for Ray J and Chris Brown who have apparently dropped a mixtape together. Between trying to prove to everyone who hit it first and stalking exes in the bushes, I can guess where this is going and I’m okay. If you, Wordies, end up taking a listen and would like to make a suggestion or two, email us at

Speaking of men with issues, the topic (darkly in honor of Father’s Day) was about daddy issues and how they differ from person to person. We explore how our relationships (or lack thereof) with our fathers have shaped our way of living, thinking, and dealing with our paternal parents. 

#KnockItTheFuckOff goes to Steve Harvey and y’all know why. 

#PraisesDue, however, goes to Jay Z for his thoughtful plan to bail fathers out of jail for Father’s Day. Also, he has an album out, we’ll chat soon. We also gave praise to Chance the Rapper for providing work on his tour for people to do sign language for those with problems or complete loss of hearing. Super thoughtful. 

Thank you for tuning in another week and be sure to reach out, we Love you guys! We hope you’ve had a beautiful Juneteenth!!