Keep Up With KK

This week, as we continue the theme of honoring Mothers, a very special Mother joins the Away With Words team for candid conversation and madd gems! Michael (also known as @MjmKid) is the videographer, photographer, and production coordinator of the team, and his Mother (KK: her Away With Words stage name) has not only been known for opening up her arms and her home to many of his friends, but has added direction to all of their lives with her words of encouragement, tremendously. 

After a beautiful full check-in, we dove into the Discovery Zone where @Bri_Stories explains her realization that the current administration is basically a reality TV show (enough mess for Vh1). The group talks about Trump firing FBI Director Comey (on his day off) for “not doing a good job” (but we all know he was more than likely sooooooo close to cracking the Trump/Russia connection case). The ladies talk about the importance of keeping hope alive and recognizing that we have a voice, and we all need to be better informed and more involved in ourlocal government. 

Sliding right on into the Petty Parlor, @Dria_P informed the girls about Bow Wow being goofy enough to post a stolen picture of a private jet on Instagram, even though he was on a commercial flight. Cue the #BowWowChallenge and Shad being Donkey of the Day. Congrats!  In Real Housewives news, @AjaNoAsia fills us in on "petty" Phaedra telling "petty" Portia some lies about Kandi and her husband (the only husband on the show, by the way) wanting to drug her or something? What? All the lies burst threw the seams at their reunion show and they need to put some respect on Kandi’s name. Also, can we change the name to "Women Living in Atlanta"?? There’s only one wife left...

Moving on to more interesting things, KK's asked about her experience of parenting two sons. We reflected on the 15 year gap between the two, and the differences that spawned. We talk about openly of her sons’ sexualities, and moreover, their creativity. KK also lets us know that she’s curious to know that her sons know how to please their partners. Being a Woman who didn’t experience *the big O* until pretty late in life, she is open to ensuring it’s being done right. If you need a coach, let her know. After praising KK’s golden womb, the ladies wrap up with some words of wisdom that all the ladies should hear and apply! 

KK has been a monumental person in all of the lives that have walked through her door. She is constantly willing to bless you with encouraging words, or a good read if need be. She is the epitome of a Woman and a Mother to us all. For this, we thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.