Live From Bobby V's

This week it’s just us girls, and the Discovery Zone and Petty Parlor is full of mess. After a good old check in, the Discovery Zone takes us to Kimye’s surrogate being 3 months pregnant (no, it’s not AjaNoAsia), Beyoncé giving us a docu-film (and she better give us the Mrs. Carter tour), and Beyoncé has been added to the Spanish dictionary (what’s taking Webster so long?). 

The Petty Parlor is madd petty, AjaNoAsia starts with Bobby Valentino dipping out of a transgendered escort’s apartment without paying . This got us all worked up about y’all’s president’s trans ban, but you know what… The Ohio State Fair is petty for not having actual architects building these rides. Lastly, the Side Chicks of Charlotte are a hot ass mess on the Breakfast Club (Lil Duval and Charlemagne are also pretty messy). 

Speaking of Breakfast Club, Charlemagne and DJ Envy make it to Knock It The Fuck Off this week for being another sorry ass example of Black men failing to protect Black Women. Dria P says the whole #LawrenceHive can Knock It The Fuck Off because relax, niggas been cheating since been cheating. Bri Stories just wants anyone who has it twisted to never forget that The Notebook wouldn’t have an iconic rain scene if it wasn’t for Love Jones. 

Praises Due to Maliah because can’t no nigga retire me. I know that’s right.