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Livin' for Next Friday

Briana Harry1 Comment
Livin' for Next Friday

I think time will let you grab it when you have the resources

Freedom with your funds makes your time free

Free time is slow time

You see what I’m getting at? 

It’s us

Paycheck to paycheck folks who feel the cold at night from time’s absence 

There and gone so quickly

Reminding us of Lovers

We make that happen

Manifest it

Engraving every other Friday into our subconscious mind

Willing it forward just to waste it by Saturday

Then willing the next when we’re all out

Nothing to do in between

Even with the free, the mind never stops to Love it

We’re like their president with his power and his having no clue what to do with it

With his destruction because it’s easier 

Than to sit and think and sort and plan

And save

That’s us with our manifest

Accidentally having it down

To will us to next Friday

Never thinking to use it 

For more money or more time