Meet Malik Kitchen of Hamilton Chicago



This week’s episode of Away With Words The Podcast is by far our most inspiring! Malik Kitchen of Taking The Stage AND HAMILTON CHICAGO! came through to tell his story and to inspire us all! 

Before we check in, we begin with a rest in peace to Kenneka Jenkins who’sin our prayers along with her family, real friends, and countless others who were affected by this tragedy. 

Taking off into the Discovery Zone, we just had to talk about Sis Beyoncé and Motha Janet who both took the time to be of help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston. In other Texas news, Miss Texas of the Miss America Pageant is our idea of an ally! She took her 20 seconds and gave y’all’s president a mouthful. Go girl! Rihanna just dropped Fenty Makeup and gave us Black Girl Magic in every damn shade. Yes honey. Also! Spelman College is paving the way with its announcement to admit Transgender Women in the fall semester of 2018! Amazing! 

This week’s Petty Parlor is real petty. Not just because we snagged it from Steve Harvey’s Strawberry Letters, or because someone is actually taking the time to seek advice from Steve Harvey. It’s just petty all around and you should hear it. 

Now, for the meat and potatoes of this episode! Malik gives us so much background into how he got where he is today. He talks about how he acquired the passion for dance and theatre while growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, what his experience was like on the hit MTV reality show, Taking The Stage, and how he made his way to the stage of Hamilton Chicago. After hearing Malik’s story of persistence, determination, and undeniable talent, he was an easy choice for this week’s Praises Due and Life as a Catalogue! We are saying yes to this! He and Bri Stories also have the same favorite songs from the Hamilton Soundtrack, so there’s that. 

We also couldn’t go on without giving praise to Common and Ava DuVernay for their Emmy wins! 

We would like to thank Malik Kitchen for taking the time to hang out with us and drop some much needed gems. If you haven’t seen Hamilton yet, make sure you check him out! 

By the way, this week’s hashtag is #GodBlessTheTwentySomethings. Use the hashtag and tag @AwayWithWordsThePodcast and we may post you as photo of the week!