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November Affirmations

Briana Harry6 Comments
November Affirmations

So, every 1st day of the month, I send out a quote to everyone in my text thread. The idea is to remind myself and others that we don’t have to wait for the start of a new year to shift our mindsets and start fresh. I’ve been doing this for about 3 years now, if I’m not mistaken (sadly, I just learned how iCloud works and don’t have my messages from that long ago). This past September, I decided that I could kick it up a notch with my quotes (read Thin Love Ain’t Love At All), and make them even more meaningful. Since then, I’ve been creating a theme and objective to go alongside each quote for myself. This will be my first time sharing, and I hope someone here finds it helpful.

November’s quote is: “I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living.” -Sir Richard Branson

When I came across this quote as I was finishing the book, Talk Like Ted, my first thought was presence. In the act of living, there are many to-dos, but whether they are for fun or out of necessity, we ought to be present for each thing. We ought to give our full selves to everything we do. So, whatever it is that you do, do it with all of you. Here are some affirmations that I will be doing every morning in the month of November to keep this theme close to heart and mind.


I am present.

I bring my full self into every space I enter.

The more ‘here’ I am, the more I enjoy each moment.

My intentions are always to enjoy myself and to be a positive source for others.

I am always where I am meant to be.

I am easily inspired.

I am honest and authentic in all of my interactions and connections.

I give myself fully to each project.

I pause often and thoughtfully respond.

I am always enjoying myself.

I find something to Love about every situation I am in.

I am in perfect balance and in perfect health.

I Love who I am and where I am right now.

Happy New Month, Loves. Open yourself to all the Love and Light coming your way.