Power 92's Ricky Rampage!



This week on Away With Words The Podcast, we kicked it with Chicago’s and Power 92’s very own Ricky Rampage! If you’re looking for more comedy and more inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. 

To start, we all recapped our time and favorite moments from this past weekend’s Styled By Dani J Fashion Show. Dani J of Black Ink Crew Chicago put on an amazing fashion show filled with all local designers. Be sure to catch the recap video by our producer, @MJMKid!

After a good check in, we dive into the Discovery Zone! The Emmy’s were Black and beautiful, the Hip Hop Honors were aesthetically off the chain, but not in terms of behind the scenes, apparently. Janet Jackson and Beyoncé showing Love to Cardi B and SZA is everything! 

The Petty Parlor obviously includes Kevin Hart and also a fun scenario that we got from The Shade Room. Very interesting stuff there. We get all into Ricky’s mind and he tells us about how he got where he is now and where he’s headed. We talk The Bro Series and his favorite moments of being a radio personality. Overall, he came with the vibes and the Love and we Loved it! 

Knock It The Fuck Off to the Emmys for the Memoriam leaving out Dick Gregory and Charlie Murphy. We still see our legends. In more positive news, Praises Due to @sway.kenny and Issa Rae (I mean, as always, am I right?). 

Be sure to continue to stay tuned! We are so appreciative of the Love and attention we’ve attained and we can’t wait to continue to grow. Oh! This week’s hashtag is #Details.