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Smash or Pass with Black Ink Crew Chicago's Van

Tatiana VasselComment
Smash or Pass with Black Ink Crew Chicago's Van



Hey Wordies! I’ve got more fun stuff for you this week. I had the opportunity to get in tune with Van from Black Ink Crew Chicago. If you’ve been watching this season then you see they’ve got my boy looking real bothered this year. BUT I’m here to tell you guys that I really enjoyed him! Not a hot head. Not super turnt up, but a very smart and passionate man who knows exactly what he wants out of life and has a good idea on how to get it. If you haven’t already, be sure to go check out his interview with my girls from Away With Words the Podcast, but for now let’s dive in to this smash or pass where I ask the most random yet entertaining questions ever. Here are the 10 interesting things I learned about Van!

  1. Power Rangers movie (2017 ) - He didn’t see it! But as a black ranger fan he was very disappointed, as was I to learn that the black ranger in the new movie is not Black!

  2. Beauty and the Beast movie (2017) - He didn’t see this either! I think he needs a movie buddy, ladies. (Buddy not a girl he got one. Hey Jen!)

  3. Tracee Ellis Ross- Smash! Why do you ask? Because, as he puts it, that’s Black Power!

  4. Britney Spears- Pass!

  5. Pork- Smash! As much as it seemed to pain him to say it, but he couldn’t deny the pork sausage he’d just literally smashed.

  6. Queen Latifah- Never…which is a pass. But that’s his home girl y'all!

  7. Pizza Puff- Smash!

  8. It Movie (2017) - Smash! Can’t wait to see it! You can go with us Van because I’m forcing all of my YeMash family to go!

  9. StarBurst- Smash! So good. Shout out to the pink ones!

  10. Taylor Swift- Pass! Ironically though his pass had nothing to do with the recent disdain Black people have felt towards her. She just ain't thick enough for my mans!

I hope you guys enjoyed that just as much as I did! Come back next week to see what I learn about our next guest! Also, if you have any random questions you’d like for me to ask you can email me at yemash.theblog@gmail.com!