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Smash or Pass with Bri Stories!

Tatiana Vassel1 Comment
Smash or Pass with Bri Stories!



Slumber Parttyyyyyy! This week my girls and I were all about spending girl time, so there were no boys allowed! As you know when the boys are away, the girls will play! The drinks were pouring, tears dripping, and gossip flowing. Of course, I can’t let you guys in on all of our secrets, BUT don’t worry! I got you! After getting Bri Stories nice and tipsy, she was ready to play Smash or Pass! Here are the 10 random things I learned about our girl!

  1. Dave East- She’s smashing in every way! Just him as a person, not his last album! She was unimpressed Dave!

  2. Danity Kane- Smash! (Side bar we played a random game of Danity Kane vs. anybody else and the results were interesting….we’ll get back to that!)

  3. Caesar Salad- Smash! But she doesn't like salad

  4. Turkey Bacon- Pass. If she’s going to eat it she says she’s going to do it right!

  5. Jersey Shore- pass!

  6. Snooki- Pass!

  7. Chanel West Coast- Pass! P.s I want people to stop coming for her like she hasn’t been on way before Love Hip Hop was even a thing.

  8. Charlamagne- Pass!

  9. Polish Sausage- pass!

  10. Rick Ross- Pass and beat his ass!

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