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Smash or Pass with Hamilton Chicago's Malik Kitchen!

Tatiana VasselComment
Smash or Pass with Hamilton Chicago's Malik Kitchen!



This week, it was my pleasure to have one of my oldest and dearest friends on the podcast! Malik Kitchen from the hit Broadway show Hamilton! I have to tell you guys I absolutely love this guy! I was first introduced to him by way of MTV. He starred on a reality show called Taking The Stage. If you don’t remember (shame on you), the show was centered on a performing arts high school located in Ohio. The cameras followed Malik, and several of his peers, as they finished their last year of high school. This show was definitely a smash!

Later in life, I had the good fortune to meet Malik in person as we attended the same college, Columbia College Chicago. After meeting him only once, I immediately loved his infectious personality. We clicked instantly and for the rest of freshman year we were tight! Unfortunately for me, Malik moved to New York the following year to pursue his dreams of being a professional dancer.

Here we are seven years later, all grown up and Malik is on Broadway! He is a regular in one of the most influential Broadway plays of our time. You can catch him doing his thing right in our back yard at the Private Bank Theatre! Another smash!

Since Malik has been out in the world feeding the culture and giving us smashes, I felt it only right to pick his brain. Here are the 10 most interesting things I learned about Malik playing Smash or Pass 90s Edition!

  1. Scream – Smash!

  2. Jamie Foxx Show- Smash!

  3. Britney Spears- Pass! That one hurt me y'all. I’m still here for Brit!

  4. Ja Rule- Smash!

  5. Martin- Smash!

  6. NWA- Smash! He didn’t mean it though. He was afraid we’d judge him if he said Pass! And I am!

  7. I Know What You Did Last Summer- Pass!

  8. Brandy- Smash! 10,000 times! He’s my fellow Star!

  9. Friends- His favorite show from the 90s. Smash!

  10. Sex and The City- He’s never seen any of the episodes! Not even a rerun! Even though he does love the movies, they unfortunately weren’t made in the 90s so I guess that’s a pass!

Learn more about Malik by listening to his episode on Away With Words the Podcast available now on Soundcloud and iTunes!