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Smash or Pass with Quez

Tatiana VasselComment
Smash or Pass with Quez



Away With Words The Podcast had the great pleasure of interviewing Quez (@directedbyquez) this week and we got to learn many interesting things about him. He’s a hip hop artist, a writer, an intellectual, and an all-around great guy. The kind of guy who will literally give you the shirt off of his back. Lucky for you guys, I got to steal him away for a little bit to play my own version of Smash or Pass. So while my girls at the podcast got to learn about his stance on humanity and other important topics, I got straight to the juice! Here are the 10 most interesting things I learned about Quez.

  1. Bodak Yellow- Like most of us, Quez has been bitten by the Cardi B bug and says her new hit Bodak Yellow is definitely a smash!

  2. Zonnique Pullins- Though my mans had been living under a rock and I had to pull up a picture of Tiny’s lovely daughter, once seeing her, he said 100% Smash!

  3. Tiny- He followed that however by passing on her mother! Sorry girl!

  4. Empire- I told you guys Quez is a good guy, so he tried to be nice and say smash. But we got the truth out of him. Pass!

  5. Tofu- Pass!

  6. Chipotle- Despite their recent flaky history, he’s still smashing!

  7. Insecure- Black 20 somethings new favorite show. Smash! And he recommends it to everybody.

  8. Issa Rae- There was a slight debate in the room between him and his shorty but at the end of the day, he’s smashing! Says she’s beautiful!

  9. Deep Dish pizza- Pass…he said “shit dead”. His origins in Chicago are currently under investigation.

  10. Chitterlings- But he like this though, says it’s a smash! I’m not here to judge but…

Check back in with me next week to see what cool things I learn about our next guest!