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Smash or Pass with Ricky Rampage

Tatiana VasselComment
Smash or Pass with Ricky Rampage



Hey Wordies! Ricky Rampage was in the building Tuesday night and he was truly a breath of fresh air. Full of positive energy and humbleness. To be only twenty four years old and already an established radio personality on one of Chicago’s biggest stations (92.3) is simply amazing. So amazing that one would think he’d have a bit of arrogance to him. A little cockiness with a smidge of tooting his own horn. Trust me when I tell you there was none of that. Just a genuine young man who’s still happy to be in the room, and is quick to give all praise and glory to God.  

Ricky is a musician, actor, comedian, and a father. He wears so many hats and has a true determination to be at his best when wearing each one. We laughed a lot this week, and while I’m sure the world already knows all of the great things I’ve said thus far, I’m just as sure that I now know a few things that you don’t! Here are the top 10 things I learned about Ricky Rampage while playing Smash or Pass Chicago edition!

  1. Keke Palmer- He says he’s definitely taking her to the crib. Smash!

  2. Jennifer Hudson- She’s such a woman of God that he’s going to have to pass!

  3. Good Times- Pass! How can you not love and respect James and Flordia Evans for holding it down and keeping their heads above water!

  4. Chicago Chicken and Waffles- Smash!

  5. Chance the Rapper- Smash!

  6. Harolds- Smash!

  7. Uncle Remus Chicken- Smash. He’s even smashing before he’d smash the Harolds!

  8. Chicago Hot Dog- Pass! Apparently he doesn’t agree with eating anything that resembles a penis!

  9. Cooley High- Never seen it! I personally feel we should give a moment of silence for all of my lost, culturally lacking Chicagoans who have never seen Cooley High.

  10. R. Kelly- Regardless of his many questionable actions he’s still rocking with Kellz! Smash!

Go listen to Ricky Rampage on the newest episode of Away With Words the Podcast available now on SoundCloud, iTunes, and right here on YeMash.com!