YeYo Kicks It Off

This week the ladies of Away With Words are joined by Bri Stories’ Mother (her Away With Words name is GG)! They keep the routine going, and GG has no issue keeping up! After a quick check in, they dive into the Discovery Zone and reflect on some of the media’s hot gossip: Solange confirming via Twitter that a F.U.B.U. video is indeed in the works (yasssssss Queen, do it for the culture!), Nicki Minaj also taking to Twitter to give back to her fans by paying tuitions and school fees (can I get a bill paid though, Sis?), and the Rolling Loud Festival crowd welcoming Lil Yachty by chanting “fuck Joe Budden” (#SourAppleBitterBudden is still funny). 

GG agrees that a new Friday movie is needed, but ONLY if the original cast is involved, including Smokey, DeBo, Felicia, Big Worm, and the unnamed little girl Meagan Good played (could be very interesting, and no doubt hilarious). Bri Stories didn’t realize that Nick Cannon really did have a new baby (we’re kind of judging the name “Golden”, but okay, congrats). This evolved into a quick conversation paying homage to Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, Russell Simmons, and Kimora Lee, for their beautiful co-parenting skills. Speaking of baby mommas… 

From here, the ladies pick GG’s brain on her experience as a “baby mama”, and she talks about the respect she’s always had for both fathers of her children and the maturity that it took to always wish them well. 

To wrap up the Discovery Zone portion, there was a brief discussion on the Met Gala fashions: GG’s best dressed vote goes to Cara Delevingne for her head to toe silver ensemble (literally, her head was silver), AjaNoAsia thinks Pharrell’s wife looked like an oven mit, and overall Dria P is underwhelmed by most but Rihanna, Zendaya, and Kendall Jenner. Even though, we all know everyone took it easy because the kids could breathe easy with Queen Bey being away. In Messy Met news, however, Future’s date was Ciara’s best friend, model Jourdan Dunn?? Chiiiiile….The ladies briefly talk stripping as an option and GG doesn’t want that for us. She does think she’d do alright at it, herself, however. 

The Petty Parlor is pretty quiet this week, so they moved on to some topics. Per AjaNoAsia’s request, they talked the new Second Chance snap story on SnapChat. From there, the ladies talk times they gave second chances (or said hell to the naw) to one of these negros. GG says she has a low tolerance for bullshit, so naw, she’s never been shy about leaving a Mister hanging. 

“Sometimes it’s better to leave the broken pieces of a relationship on the floor than to cut yourself picking them up.” - AjaNoAsia

AjaNoAsia then sheds light on suicides that have occurred recently. A young couple, Markeice Brown and Mercedes Smith committed suicide one after the other. After Mercedes, a freshman college athlete, took her life in her dorm room, Markeice suffered harassment and bullying on social media essentially blaming him for her death. After two days of bullying, he posted a suicide note and video to Facebook, and shortly after, took his life as well. This is one of many cases like this and the ladies of Away With Words The Podcast hope to be a source to anyone in need. The ladies go on to say that their door is always open to listeners. They are open to receiving DMs and emails (, and being an ear when needed and even providing advice if asked for. The more we (especially in the Black Community) put into our mental health together, the better it’ll be for us all. Don’t be afraid to reach out. 

The ladies end their time with GG by getting all the scoop on how Bri Stories became the Woman she is today. From embarrassing stories, to her inability to lie, to why she has a potty mouth, GG goes all the way deep in what makes Bri Stories who she is. 

Bri Stories would like to thank her YeYo, GG, for coming and being so open to having fun with the Away With Words Team! GG shared so many memories, stories, and grown ass Woman insight, and it was so appreciated! We are thankful for your endless support. Happy Mother’s Day.