WHAT is yemash?

YeMash is a private publishing group; currently in its early stages. At the core of all content published, shared, and promoted by YeMash are the principles of expressing truth, exuding positive energy, and living as your honest self.

WHAT is yemash ABOUT?

YeMash translates to the mother of all things true. The core objective of YeMash is to produce and encourage truth from all angles. We recognize that while universal truth and personal truth stand separately, neither is wrong. It is our understanding that it is our responsibility as human beings to understand and respect that we all have our own truth; and, that truth may change for every individual. This truth, in our opinion, stands apart from universal truth. Universal truth is fact. Although our personal truths are not universal truths makes us neither wrong nor liars. There is simply a separate truth outside of ourselves. We have to own our personal truths without shame.